Kingdom Hearts 3 (Xbox One), The Ending Credits,

Kingdom Hearts 3 (Xbox One)

  • Description

    Kingdom Hearts 3 is an exciting RPG that provides the perfect mashup of the adventurous Final Fantasy and magical Disney. The game that had been teased for years has finally become available, so strap in and enjoy the ride.

    You’ll be following the story of the returning character Sora who’s accompanied by the lovable King Mickey, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Riku. The group is tasked with searching for the renowned guardians of light to defeat the evil Xehanort and bring balance to the world.

    Throughout the game, you’ll get the chance to travel to some of the most renowned Disney and Pixar worlds. Visit Rapunzel in her Kingdom of Corona, meet Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and other characters from the Toy Story in Toy Box. Have fun with Elsa in Arendelle, or see what the Pirates of the Caribbean have been up to.

    To fight the evil forces of Xehanort, you’ll need your trusted weapon – Keyblade. For the first time in the entire Kingdom Hearts series, the Keyblade can transform into unique forms. You’ll get to test out new moves and attack techniques as you fight the Organization XIII. Every world you visit will offer a new authentic Keyblade you can use.

    In the game, Sora can even use elemental magic to improve his offensive and defensive strategies.

    Of course, Kingdom Hearts 3 wouldn’t be a true Disney game if you didn’t get the chance to visit attractions and enjoy Disney rides as you attack Xehanort.

    Kingdom Hearts 3 is full of surprises, unique characters, and awesome easter eggs. So, download the game, and join in on the fun.

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